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Apollo Builders Group LTD is London’s leading house, kitchen & extension construction company in Essex. We can design, manage, and build a large variety of bespoke extensions, giving you your dream living space. We offer services to extend your living space, perhaps with a bigger kitchen, an additional bedroom or simply giving you more space to entertain.

The Apollo Builders Group LTD team work tirelessly to give your dream home and can help to create that perfect extension. Our industry leading experts have years of experience with quality builds and is a recognisable brand. Our team can work with you to see how we can create your dream home.

A home extension project within your budget will help meet your budget for the perfect living space that you need as well as increasing the value of your home. Our team at Apollo Builders Group LTD can deliver you a seamless transition for your property in Essex. If you desire more space within your home, then we can certainly achieve this goal.

Apollo Builders Group LTD are happy to provide you with a free estimation so you can get started on your home renovations whenever you are ready!

We encourage our clients to share their ideas with us, helping to collaborate on the whole renovation process. Apollo Builders Group LTD want you to work with us to create the perfect project.

Whether you are looking for a new kitchen extension or renovating an existing extension, we are ready for you and here to help you with all your project needs.

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Home Renovations are able to give you a complete change on what could be an already run down damaged home. Maybe you’ve bought a house that needs to be completed modernised – that’s where we come in to help you out!

Home renovations are an extremely exciting project that can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home, if done correctly. With years of experience the team at Apollo Builders Group are able to unlock the true potential of your property. Before we begin, a full assessment will take place providing you with a complete assessment of the existing structure and highlight to you the challenges that you may face before work begins, as well as utilising the space that is available and incorporating some existing features.

If you have purchased the property with the intent to re-sell once completed, an experienced team such as Apollo Builders Group is the one for you, able transform a home and turn the property into an investment. By using us, an experienced and trusted building group, we can meet your goals without cutting corners to get the job completed quickly and always meet our deadlines.

Wardrobe Renovation Image
Bathroom Renovation Image
Bathroom Renovation Image
Complete Bathroom Renovation
Bedroom Renovation Image
Bathroom Renovation Image
Master Bedroom Image
Complete Finished Pictures Of Bedroom Renovation

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