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House Extension Services

we offer house extension services, and an extension to your current property is a cost-effective way of gaining more space whilst remaining affordable. Extensions come in many forms so no two jobs are the same, whether you’re looking to add an additional room to your kitchen for that open plan kitchen diner that you have always dreamed of, or a full 2 story extension our team of experts is on hand every step of the way! We understand the intensity of challenges that an extension process can offer. From simple to intricate designs and structures, one might have to face a lot of creative and technical problems.

However, Apollo Builders has the workmen capable of doing the incredibly perfect job according to client requirements no matter how complicated a task may seem. Our top priority is to provide you with the best outcome from a home extension, this gives you the chance to stay in your home for longer without the need to move house. Apollo Builders pride themselves in making sure that the finished work meets the needs of our clients from start to finish we are here for you.

Our client in Thurrock, Essex wanted to create more space for an open plan kitchen/diner whilst also getting some renovations done to the two existing bathrooms and the new bathroom incorporated into the extension.


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Yard Extension
Kitchen Extension
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House Extension Services

Is An Extension Right For Me?

If you’re running out of space within your house, there are two realistic options. Either you start the house-hunting process to look for a bigger house or extend your current home in order to meet your needs. A home extension is often the best option for you and your family without the need to disturb your family and their lives. Moving can often cause a lot of stress including changing schools, new environments, and new friendships.

Home extensions are an ideal way to enhance your living space and increase the value of your home. Home extensions is highly beneficial and can help you in many different ways. Whether you choose to go up by two stories or just the one, Apollo Builders are able to meet all your needs and give you your dream home without the need to move homes.

Not only does Apollo Builders Group pride themselves on high-quality service but on giving you the best extension to meet your needs.

An extension will give you some amazing benefits and is highly recommended if you want to find extra space within your house. And remember if you can not go out you can always go up!

Home extension will allow you to save money, moving home comes with lots of additional costs and expenses. An extension allows you to transform your home to suit exactly what you need.

An extension increases the space within your existing home without the need to move.

Finally, it will increase the property’s value, constructing a high-quality extension is a great way to increase the market value of your home.

Home Extensions In Brentwood UK
Home Extensions In Brentwood UK

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