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Dormer Loft Conversion Cost & Ideas

Dormer loft conversions are a great tool that many homeowners like to use to extend the amount of available space within their property. By adding additional space in the loft, it gives the chance for more opportunities for new bedrooms, storage, and living spaces.

The amount of additional space your dormer can create depends on the size of the extension that you plan. A large, double dormer loft conversion for example can add an additional 50 cubic meters of space to your area. This gives you numerous possibilities for additional living space and storage. With a well-planned dormer loft conversion, you can enhance the way you live your life and give you the dream home you have always wanted.

What Is A Dormer Loft Conversion?

Previously, we have given a detailed article on dormer loft conversions. Dormer loft conversions are a type of extension that adjusts the shape of the roof to create a larger and more practical living space. Instead of leaving the loft with its regular, sloping sides, these conversions extend the roof from it is peak laterally, leaving a flat section, which is often flanked by regular sloping sides.

The overall aim is to create a room that feels light and airy, it needs to suit your property. It needs to give the illusion that the extension was always there. There are also small interior decorations that give the appearance the space is a lot bigger than it is.

There are many different types of loft conversions. These include:

Flat-roof dormer loft conversion – is what we have previously discussed above.

Bungalow dormer loft conversion – that is where builders create a loft conversion above a single storey abode.

Shed roof dormer loft conversion – this is a similar appearance to the flat roof variety, but with the exception that the side of the roof slopes downwards slightly, a bit like a shed hence the name.

Gable fronted dormer conversions – is an extension of the roof perpendicular to the original roof, creates a new gable wall and is built up to the current ridgeline.

Hipped roof dormer – this is a dormer with sloping roofs on three sides, it looks amazing on the outside but inside they can reduce space.

Does A Dormer Loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?

For many properties, it does not require any planning permission to carry out. Property owners of a detached, freehold property do not face any restriction at all if the project falls within the footprint of the building.

However, there is an exception if you own a property in a heritage area you may have to apply with your local councils’ planning office before work can begin. This is a very similar situation if your property is a flat or maisonette you could possibly face restrictions especially if the property is leasehold.

How Much Does It Cost For A Dormer Loft Conversion?

The final price for a dormer loft conversion cost will depend heavily on the style and size of the loft conversion as well as any materials you choose and additional interior or exterior features. In general, flat roof dormer loft conversions with a dormer window are the most cost-effective. Flat roofs are much less expensive to install than sloping roods and provide a greater internal volume.

Quotations for a dormer loft conversion can start from £40,000 and the final bill can go up from there. Towards the lower end of the cost, you are simply paying for a very basic conversion with no additional architectural features. The price range can increase quickly especially if you add additional features such as gable and hipped roofs.

The average price of a dormer loft conversion is currently sitting around the £45,000 mark, many people will however pay more than this.

The final costs are broken down into several sections. Your first cost will be planning, you will need to draw up some drawings that your builder can follow during the build of your property. It also means you can visualize exactly what the build will look like.

Dormer conversions as mentioned can also require planning permission, therefore, it is required to budget for this if the property falls within these lines. You can also be expected to pay for building regulations for the new conversion for it to fall within existing laws. It can also be expected to pay for a party wall agreement if your wall is shared by a neighbor.

Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

If you are struggling to come up with a creative loft conversion that suits your needs and wants, look at our ideas:

• Dormer loft bedroom – a new bedroom is the most popular way of utilizing the space a dormer loft conversion creates. Useful if children are currently sharing a bedroom.

• Dormer ensuite – Sometimes you may not have enough room for an en-suite because of the original floor plan of the property. However, the additional space within a dormer gives you the freedom to affix a bathroom directly into the bedroom.

• Peaceful escape – If it all ever gets too much you may wish to find a space within your home that lets you get away from it all. A dormer gives you this ability right at the top of the house.

How Long Does A Dormer Loft Conversion Take?

Dormer loft conversions can take a few months, but it always depends on how complicated the work is to produce. Dormer loft conversions can take slightly longer if you are having issues with planning permission or a party wall agreement.

Although at the time the process can seem painful and expensive once the project is finished you are able to see your hard work come to light. It is an investment but in the long term can add a lot of value to your home.

Project Gallery

Large Loft Conversion Roof
Large Dormer Image Renovation
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Loft Conversion Image Renovation
Loft Conversion Stairs
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Loft Roof Under Construction
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Before And After Of Loft Roof Construction
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Finished Tiling On Roof On Loft Conversion
Plastering Work On Loft Conversion
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